Wednesday, January 18, 2017

1st Follow Up Visit

 Today was my first scheduled appointment with the surgeon.  First things first, let's get that splint/cast cut off. Off with the ace bandage and then cut the cotton wrap, followed by peeling open the splint.  Ahhh... pure heaven, air on my foot and a vigorous rub was allowed but NO scratching.
I was directed to x-ray for a few pictures then scooted my way back to the initial office. Doc gave me a very good report and wants to see me in two weeks.  I was now getting a cast to replace the splint along with fresh medicated bandages on my staples. 
After letting the cast set the Doc didn't like the small ledge just above my heel, it had to come off.  After sawing a cut on each side the Doc used spreader tool to open the cast. This cut was followed up with removal and a fresh wrap of cotton and gauze toe booty.
Round two and the fresh cast applied is now good to go. I rescheduled for two weeks and will return to go through the cast removal process, staple removal and recast. 

Thanks to my Bride for getting me in and out of the house and for transporting me, no easy task. For now everything is on track and looking good. 

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