Friday, February 10, 2017

3 Weeks and Counting

Three weeks and counting until 'this' cast is off. Thankfully, Mary drove Ziva and I to the airport for some play time, me on my knee scooter and Ziva running willy-nilly.

The temps were in the upper sixties and the sun felt great on the face. I even got out of my sweats and had a pair of shorts on with a Carhart t-shirt. Good Lord my legs are white, were talking casper the ghost white.

I did bump into Mike from the local flight school, he still wants me to take the CFI courses. I told him I am going to knock out the commercial test and then do the flight portion with him. He is looking for a pilot for his charter operation and a retired local (ME) would work out very nice. We shall see. At least my interest is peaked and there is a possibility still out there.

I am so looking forward to pre-heating 08Romeo and then getting some flight time. I'm not sure what I'll do with Ranger, may just park it alongside the hangar and keep it covered. I'm leaning, not because of the bad foot, but on passing on the next round of work for my previous work project. I'll wait and see if anything pops up in 2018. I plan on taking the rest of this year off. I could use the time with my Bride and we can do some traveling.

Speaking of travel, I am long range planning for a trip to Waco Texas. It's good for the mind looking over hotels and plotting courses for fuel while scouting places for an overnight that can provide some fun and interesting things to see and do.

I know this post has been rambling and my thoughts are scattered across the board but cabin fever does this to a person. It's important to at least type all this out and then try and make sense of it.

It's getting close to lunch and I didn't eat breakfast so for now, until the next post, blue skies.

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