Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Return To Flight!

FINALLY!  My return to the air.  I decided that today was the day, I was going flying.  I didn't care if I had to hook  a tow strap to my SUV I was breaking 08Romeo out of jail.  I took my time having to uncover the Ranger pick-up and then unhook the battery tender before parking well clear of the hangar. I then did a very intense limp around to inspect 08Romeo and deem her fit to fly. Everything looked great, the fuel samples were big gulps and all were clean and free of any water.

My next task was to drag her out of the hangar. I attacked this by taking baby steps, I mean itty bitty steps and exerting most of the pulling on my right leg. It was slow but steady. My foot was already getting tired but the pain was minimum for now.
I tossed the step stool aside and climbed aboard as any pilot should, hey, it sounded good at the time. I still had some difficulty folding the foot in but got all the parts tucked in nice and neat. I updated my airplane log book with the new data card expiration and crossed of the last ancient VOR check date. Wow, my last flight was on new years day.
I went over my preflight checklist in great detail, reading it over then performing each task. Normally I perform the task and use the checklist to review. It was time, a few shots of primer and about three blade turns but no start.  Ok, try number two, this time 08Romeo comes to life on a single blade and purrs along, she sounded great. I taxied from the hangar to the taxiway and waited for the oil temps to come up well into the yellow just shy of green. Avionics sounded ok and everything functioned as it should, it was time to taxi to the runway. I did a few brake checks and the foot felt great. Once at the runway I completed my run up and made my call for departure, I was doing this.
I had butterflies in my gut as I was on the roll but I calmed down once climbing out. The pilot stuff kicks in and we do what we were taught to do, fly the plane.  My first pattern was sloppy, altitude up and down and speeds a bit fast. I made my turn from base to final and I was waaaaay high and fast.  I chopped the power and made it down to 400' before going around, yikes, I am rusty.

The second go was better and I squeaked one on with stall horn, it was even pretty much on center. I made this a full stop and taxied back for two more. I took the time to turn on the VIRB with the audio cables finally hooked up correctly. Here is the ride along for the next two rounds.
All in all a great first time back in the air. I still have plenty of rust to shed but I'll get some fly time the rest of the week and this weekend. I also need one approach to extend my IFR currency to the end of June, so that's a priority. Besides, it will be good to get some hood time and shed the IFR rust too.


Chris said...

Woo hoo! Welcome back, Gary!

Gary said...

Feels good to be back! Already planning a flight to St. Simons Island next week for a few days of quiet beach time.

Jim and Sandie said...

This is so exciting. It won't take long to shed the rust and you'll have fun doing it. Way to go!!

ザイツェヴ said...

Congratulations! Glad you didn't have any issues like a plugged gascolator :-)