Thursday, April 16, 2020

Annual - The Reposition Flight

Today Mary and I worked our plan to reposition 3 Tango Charlie to Delaware Coastal (KGED) in Georgetown Delaware. The shop is running about a week behind schedule so our plane will be in the shop on Monday, April 21st.  

After giving some thought to dropping off the plane on Sunday, I didn't feel comfortable leaving my log books in the plane, on the ramp. Monday weather is calling for rain and I didn't want to deal with that, and I wont scud run. That left today or Friday.  Just rip the band-aid off and get the plane there, so I did. 

Mary dropped me at the hangar and I tugged 3 Tango Charlie out after my preflight. Mary hung around until I was ready to climb aboard then left for the shop.  As I was closing up the hangar I saw her pull back up, I wondered what was wrong.  My bride spotted a dear around the hangars and it was running towards the runways, she wanted to give me a heads up. I assured her I would let operations know as soon and I was up on the radio. 

Mary headed out and I climbed aboard, getting things organized. It was a spartan cockpit today, no iPad, no video cameras, just me and the plane.  I did do a quick last check for NOTAMS and TFR's with my iPhone as 3 Tango Charlie was warming up. The ASOS was reporting winds 280 to 300  12 gusting 22. My runway selection would be three-two.  With oil temps well into the yellow arc I released the brakes and taxied out. Yes, I did call operations, twice, no answer.  I saw one of the guys out of their truck working on something, but, whoever was in the terminal never responded. 
25nm, 13 minutes
Once at the hold short I did my run-up and made my calls. It was good timing, as the Aztec that had landed was now just pulling up behind me.  I advanced the throttle and rolled for take off, 3 Tango Charlie was ready to work. I lifted off in less than one thousand feet, with just me aboard and thirty five gallons of fuel. The climb out was rodeo at its finest, this was going to be a short ride but with all the makings of a bronc ride at the county fairgrounds. 

I tightened my belts, and kept my altitude below two thousand, which I'm sure didn't help the ride. I was looking for Mary's bright blue SUV along RT 113, but never did see her. 

Time to concentrate on my approach 

I made my ten and five mile calls for the airport and selected runway two-eight. The winds weren't much better at Delaware Coastal, 30014G20.  I did make a nice landing and needed power to taxi off to taxiway Delta. I secured the plane and decided to leave her uncovered, it was too windy to try by myself. 
I dawned my mask and headed into the office to leave my log books, squawk list, and keys. The owner assisted annual has been denied by the shop owners during the Covid-19 fiasco so I am left to sit and wonder whats going on without me. This is a new and not so comfortable experience.

My squawk list
  1. Replace adel clamp for starter wire, aft of alternator.
  2. Replace blast tube for alternator
  3. Install new LED landing light (bottom cowl)
  4. Correct parking brake wire clamp on pivot arm
  5. Install Rosen visors
  6. Install Fire extinguisher co-pilots seat front rail
  7. Check stall horn/lift detector


Rosen Visors
1.4 LB Halotron

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