Wednesday, April 22, 2020

VLog 4/22/2020

Another day of COVID-19 and combining a few errands into one big loop.  Mary and I, along with the Ziva princess, headed over to the airport so our baby girl could get some much needed run time. Ziva has a blast, Mary is happy to walk a bit, and I get to check on the plane.  Uh...there is no plane today, 3 Tango Charlie is in Annual.  More on that later.

After the airport run, some helicopter video, and dumpster target practice, we headed to the Acme for a small grocery run. Nothing major just a few items since my bride is making a carrot cake from scratch. It sounds yummy to me.

Prior to entering the store I used wipes to clean the shopping cart, and we each pulled our masks into place. Once we finished up our order we wiped our hands down with clorox wipes then headed towards home with just two more stops. A quick dash into Walgreens to check on hand sanitizer, which they had. Mary purchased two small containers, one for each vehicle.  The next stop was our mail pavilion. There was one car in the lot and the driver was sitting inside so Mary went in and checked the mail. It's easy in with a proximity security card, no swipe needed, and the door opens. On the way out we hit the handicap pad with a knee, butt, or elbow, whatever works, and the door opens.

Finally just a few blocks and we are home.  I pull into the garage and let Ziva out, Mary already got out and was chatting with our neighbor. While the ladies practiced social distancing, Ziva decided to break my no and stay commands and visit the neighbors deck. Not cool.  I gave her hell and told her she was in my doghouse, she seriously tried to ignore me. 

Plane Update

I did call the shop, Sussex Aero, and got an update on 3 Tango Charlie.  She is looking good and close to completion. The only issue is the gear pump, it's cycling every fifteen seconds or so, just a quick burst, to hold the gear up in the wheel well. That's not good for the pump and they are mighty expensive.  There are no leaks externally, so the thought is one of the actuators has an internal leak which is causing the loss of pressure. I'll know more tomorrow. 

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