Saturday, April 11, 2020

Fly The Beach

I haven't been in the air since March 8th, thirty-four days! Today I decided to change that, and get 3 Tango Charlie in the air. Now nothing is really open for a sit down lunch but some places are offering take out. That could work if I load up one of our chairs and pick a place, but, that's not much fun by myself.
Instead, I decided on a familiar route, north along the beach. I decided to show off the likes of Ocean City, Fenwick and Bethany beach Delaware,and Cape Henlopen State Park. The beaches were empty, that's a good thing with the stay in place orders. Traffic was also non-existent, I guess that's another positive result of the order. 
Air traffic was quiet and I only had an ADSB return from the Delaware State Police helicopter once turning for home over Lewes Delaware. The DSP bird headed for Delaware Coastal (KGED) and I continued home. 
Traffic did pick up as I approached Ocean City but everyone was working the radio and we all entered the pattern, landing without issue.

It felt really good to get back in the air today. I should be flying more often,  but, without a destination, I just can't seem to motivate myself to bore holes in the sky. 

Next up will be the short hop to annual inspection, and then a return flight home. I hope by that point things start to return to normal and our economy gets jump started.


Chris said...

Aw man, I bet it felt great to get some air under the wings again!

I learned something very important from this video: Three Tango Charlie has a shiny belly! Well done, sir! ;-)

Gary said...


3 Tango Charlie really needs a bath and a belly clean. After the parking brake valve leak repair I tried to clean as much as I could but it really needs a scrub.

The pink elephant in the room said...

nice video :-)

I really like your pre-takeoff comments about what to do if...

I just learned to do that myself and should have been doing that for years.


Gary said...


Thanks for checking in and leaving a comment. I only get to do those abort and emergency plans out loud when my bride is not with me, otherwise its a mental review only. We have a plan dialed in for each runway. Don't forget to add in a rejected take off plan too.