Monday, April 27, 2020

Time Out From Stay at Home

I can find some sanity in making a run to the airport. Mary and I took Ziva for a run and I got to watch some airplanes in the pattern along with a few getting tugged out into the sunshine. We passed one airport tenant that has an end unit, more of a garage then a hangar, and he was also spending time with his dog out in the fresh air. 

We pulled up to our hangar to find a boardwalk tram car parked right across from the point at which I turn away from the hangar doors and shut down. I had to have a chat with the linemen to see if they could get the tram moved to where the rest are parked, just beyond our hangar building. I was assured it would not be a problem and they were just as puzzled as I was as to why they left it there.  Who knows...
I watched a TBM taxi in and shut down at his hangar, apparently he was also trying to get the oil pumping with a short but familiar flight. 
After the airport run we made a stop at Tractor Supply for bird seed, and corn for the deer.  Mary always feeds the critters or as I like to call them our welfare animals. Once we got the goods loaded we headed for home, enjoying the fresh air and sun. I mixed up the corn, sunflower seeds, and peanuts for the deer, along with refilling the bird seed barrel. The bride was happy, therefore, I was happy. Life is good. 

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