Monday, August 23, 2021

South Along Delmarva

I decided it's been way too long since I had 3 Tango Charlie in the air, 21 days, so today I got some fly time.  The plan was to bug out early, just after sunrise but instead I watched the news then an episode of JAG. It was now just past ten and I needed to get moving. 

The airport was busy and that motivated me to get it in gear. I still needed to sump since I last took on fuel two weeks ago. I completed my pre-flight and the fuel check then tugged 3 Tango Charlie into the sunshine. I set up a few video cameras and shortly there after got the fan turning. The air felt good, a welcome relief to the climbing temps.

I taxied for runway two-zero and launched. The density altitude was just over 1400 feet and it took a bit longer on the takeoff roll. Once in the air and noting a positive rate of climb I retracted the gear and flaps. All cleaned up and flying the pattern for my south heading.

Along the coast it was hazy but overall the ride was smooth. I did have some traffic along the way south and then a few more aircraft once pointing north for home. I guess Salisbury (KSBY) was busy.

Overall a fun short hop to shed some rust and enjoy the quiet time in the air.  We have a few flights planned for September; Jekyll Island, GA and then on to visit HGTV's Home Town location in Laurel, MS.  Stay tuned!


Chris said...

Glad to see you have some trips planned! We were on Jekyll Island a few weeks ago for the first time in a decade. Cool place.

Gary said...

Mary and I are looking forward to getting away for some much needed fun time. I have been working on a power point presentation that the Commanders Group asked me to present, so that should be fun. I haven't done a meeting to a large group since I retired. I'll be posting that video too. Yikes!