Thursday, February 01, 2024

Breakfast with the Boys at Cape May

Dave and I swapped a few text messages and decided to once again meet at Cape May for breakfast. Dave's friend Steve had covid so he canceled and instead Bob rode along with Dave in the Dakota. Mary had passed on going, not into hearing the boys talk airplanes, besides, she had some sort of game day with the girls of the Women's Club. I sent a text to Chet, a hangar neighbor, and told him I had an empty seat and I was heading to breakfast in Cape May, he responded that he would meet me in one hour.  Perfect timing he would be there at 10:30 and I wanted to get in the air around 10:45ish. I did my preflight yesterday so I was good to go.

The flight was smooth and uneventful, that's always a good thing. Breakfast at the Flight Deck Diner was very good and I enjoyed my creamed chip beef over hash browns with a side of crispy bacon. Thanks for lunch Chet, my treat the next flight.
 Dave and Bob 
We took the traditional pictures of flight crews and airplanes then saddled up for home. The flight was once again smooth and full of good plane talk. I fell in line number two and made a nice landing back home at Ocean City. 

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