Thursday, August 25, 2005

The puzzle is taking shape..

Well, it has been an interesting day to say the least. Last night during my dinner at the in-laws I got a call (left on answering machine) from work to tell me that the FSS at Millville had a partial roof collapse. Of course I called asap and got the report. Knowing I had a lesson scheduled
I could not wait to see the traffic.

After my pre-flight, start up and taxi out I checked the pattern then advised Millville traffic that Cessna 5219J is departing RW 10. Today was landing and "missed" day. I had a slight crosswind to work with and it still frustrates me at times. Keeping that wing slightly dipped into the wind and rudder corrections......As my CFI says its like patting your head and rubbing your tummy.......Hmmmmm.....great...I am not sure if I can do that on a consistent basis. :) I worked for 1.1 hours today and overall takeoffs were good, except for one where I got a little carried away with rudder. I guess a short brain fart as I seemed to be weaving as if there were cones out there......a tad embarrassing but I got it squared away and got off the ground. I learned today that 30 degrees of flaps is harder (for me) to land with then 20 degrees (my flairs like the added speed). I continue to flair a bit early and seem to loose my airspeed and "drop" on the runway. Although just bleeding off speed above the surface it still makes for a small thud. I want to do better. Trying out the 20 degrees of flap on my next two landings I carry a bit more speed and hold a longer flair and then nose up for a nice touchdown. Ahhhh....I feel a bit better. After another go round or two I land and taxi back to the tie down. I really tried to focus on my pattern work today. I seem to creep in while on downwind with the cross winds.

Today I worked at maintaining my spacing/position in the pattern, looking at the wing strut and keeping aligned. I seemed to hit Everything else on time, abeam the numbers apply carb heat, reduce power, flaps......speed was consistent the whole lesson along with rate of decent so I am making progress. I am off until tuesday and then back at the landings. Time to read over my ground course books and start on practice tests.

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