Thursday, August 11, 2005

What did go right ?

Another hot one today, but I have my towel with me. Pre-flight checklist as usual, followed by start up checklist and call to millville radio. Ok, we're ready to go! Todays lesson will be take off and landing cycles, since 10-28 is closed due to my lighting contract I'll be on 14-32. Winds out of 255 - 260 at 5 - 8 knts. After run up I taxi out to 32 and wait for one to clear the runway before my take off roll can start. OK, full aileron to dip that left wing tip into the cross wind slowly rotating to level as I reach 55 knts, slight back pressure nose off and we're off. Weather vane time as I keep on the 320 heading maintaining right rudder in my climb. OK, looking good at 600 feet, clear left, turning cross wind still climbing to 1000. I didn't roll out early enough to correct for the wind, I need to get on track. Ok turning downwind, again not rolling out on time for wind correction, UGHhhhhh..... I am really screwed up here for the first go round in the pattern. Dave requests a right turn out and to regroup and set up for a 45 degree re-entry back to the downwind for runway 32. That sounds like a fine idea to me, a tad frustrated I try to focus on what's at hand. Re-entering at a 45, looking better in my downwind as I pull the carb heat, reduce power and add flaps another aircraft calls in a 3 mile final. Dave takes radio control and acknowledges that we will extend our downwind. Still searching for our contact he radios again 1 mile final. Dave says turn base, which I do and find myself aligned with 32 and just making visual contact with the short final aircraft. OK adding flaps, speed ok 70 knts, decent looking good, cross wind requires that forward slip, I'm hoping I can put it all together. Ok looking good.....about 100 feet I start out of the slip to soon and come off center and do not ease up on right rudder enough, now starting to crab heavy right (which is wrong direction) Dave jumps in makes correction (saves my bacon) we touch down left main....what seems like forever
and finally right main down.....holding off nose.....bleeding speed.....and nose wheel down. Again making correction with aileron to compensate for cross wind and calling down and clear to Millville. Well now I'm thinking I really sucked, as Dave and I review what went right (short list) and what went wrong ( a bit longer list). The lesson continues for a few more rounds with each having better control. My final landing looked good, with all parts of the slip starting to click.
I learned some really good lessons today. No two hands on the yoke during landing, keep that right hand on the throttle. When I felt tense I felt I needed to two hand it to the runway, big no no. That wont fly during the checkride. Also I need to read the whole package, speed, pitch wings level, rudder controls with out getting tense. Dave says he can see when I get overloaded on the cross winds I get that grip on the yoke and slowly eliminate my scan of instruments.
He assures me this will all come in time and that its his job to be hard on me not mine. He's a patient guy, and knows how to break it up and get me back on track.

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