Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Ain't nothin' but a flair...

Yes, that's right, it ain't nothin' but a flair but I can't hit it consistently. Worked on flairs today and will be back at it Saturday. I fly smooth and out in front when my CFI covers all the instruments. I know it all comes in time but gezzzzz I'm getting older every day here! I am having fun and that's the most important fact. I feel with all the crosswind training in the book that if I had a dead calm day I wouldn't know what to do.

Pre-checks complete and after adding a quart of oil to the ride we were buckled in and ready to go. Off to Chester County today for T&G's. sun glare taking off on 27 from Brandywine and departing on the upwind to the west really burnt the eyes out. My glasses didn't seem to darken today, that will have to be checked. I was raising my hand to block the sun to check for traffic as I made course corrections. Since there was slim to none for traffic at Chester County I did a long final. I called out my position and started my slow decent from 2500 to pattern ALT of 1600. I reported a short final and throttled back adding flaps and crabbing my way in. Everything looked good and felt good until I flaired while still a bit to high. I let 46C settle down and worked for the centerline a bit but it still was fairly smooth. After a few go rounds' at 40N I departed on the downwind for home. Two rounds later I was reporting down and clear and headed for the tie down. Saturdays lesson will be slow low flight "just" over the runway......I WILL learn to be consistent with the flair!

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