Saturday, November 26, 2005

Knocking off the rust...

Cancel due to weather on 15th and the 23rd

Nov. 26th and finally back up in the was a really nice day to get back in gear. My regular instructor is off for the hoilday so I went up with a new CFI. Started out ok with pre-flight and run up and not to bad of a take off. We made way for 40N Chester COunty for touch and goes but mainly to work on my flairs. Brandywine was busy with traffic today so I departed on the crosswind for 40N. Nice and smooth heading to the south-south west so I can turn back
towards Chester County and enter on a 45 for runway 29. I announce my position as I enter on a 45 while looking for traffic that is on final and one on a long base for runway 29. I am a bit excessive on the inputs today, yup hands o steel.....but I slip in with the crosswind and really get to feel that sinking feeling then flair only to feel the slow decent and more flair, feels pretty good. My instructor says the young guys seem to pick it up quickly so he said I shouldn't be so hard
on myself for not getting it on a consistant basis. I'm an old fart, I mentioned that my first instructor said it was like rubbing the tummy and patting the head...and I told him then I'm in deep shit. Rob laughed and said I was doing least he got a kick out of it. Onward we went for a few more rounds with the first the ugliest. I also did one missed when I came in a bit to hot and decided to go around, full power, one notch of flaps up, showing positive altitude gain, taking out another notch of flaps....there we go, I didnt want to force myself down at the end of the runway and become fodder for the evening news. After my T&G's we headed back to Brandywine. It was uneventful until turning final and I really didnt bank enough for the crosswind. Needless to say I was banking left and mucho right rudder to align myself. Not to bad a recovery and a nose held off landing. I need to work on the flairs again wednesday and airspeed on final, I should then be good to go! I'll be back up next Wednesday and saturday.

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Joseph Gaspard said...

It never gets perfect... ok, well, never when anyone is looking. :-) Some of the finest crosswind work I ever did was with no one else in the plane. I swear! :-)