Sunday, June 10, 2007

(N57) New Garden Airshow

I spent the afternoon at the New Garden Airport (N57) Airshow. I rolled in around noon and left at 3:30 or so. I had a fun time, meeting up with Bob Ciotti (POA forum)and his daughter Mackenzie. As always great flying conversations and some future flight planning for both of our wives.

I wanted to watch the B25 "Briefing Time" fly today. This B25 is from the Reading Airport, Mid Atlantic Aviation Museum. I also had a chance to see the two aircraft that are hangared at the DRBA's Millville, N.J. Airport. Mr Tom Duffy along with one of his pilots (Terry) brought over a TBM Avenger and a Corsair for the show. Both of these aircraft are show stoppers. It's always a thrill to watch the war birds take to the sky! Also featured were the trainers; PT19 pictured left and the PT23 pictured right.

Matt Chapman and his CAP 231 EX flies formation Aerobatics with Michael Mancuso in his Walter Extra 300. Matt and Mike are former US Aerobatic Team members who competed together in the 1998 Sebreniza World Championships.

The parachute drops featured Free Fall Adventures Dive Team.

The Alpha Squadron Model RC Aircraft Demonstration was on hand, complete with RC jets!! VERY COOL!

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