Friday, July 20, 2007

Change of Plans

Here I sit on Friday filing away my flight plans for Martha's Vineyard (KMVY) and instead packing a headset bag for a short hop to Millville, NJ for breakfast tomorrow morning. Mary has been dealing with kidney stones all week and just doesn't feel up to 2.5 hours in the air to KMVY. The North East Flyer's group will be heading into MVY and meet for lunch at 11am at Seafood Shanty, not to be confused with the restaurant chain. I wish them blue skies and safe flights!

Tomorrow will be a short hop to Millville (MIV)and Antino's for some breakfast. Following the morning eats will be an equally short hop home to Wilmington (ILG), then to the house in order to study for my mid-term exam. It sure will be hard to concentrate on Aviation Legislation while listening to aircraft fly over the house.
Saturday JULY 21, 2007 The Follow Up...
Well it was a short hop but it was worth it! We fired up for Millville and taxied out to runway 1 at Wilmington. I was directed to back taxi on r/w 1 then turn, position and hold. I entered off taxiway 'K'ilo and back taxied a few thousand feet. I turned into the wind and announced my position and hold. Once cleared we climbed out to 3000' and took in the scenery. Crystal clear today, you could see the Atlantic City skyline and well south into the Delaware Bay.
Breakfast as always was fantastic at the Cornerstone Grill. I had the breakfast quesadilla and Mary had two eggs bacon and toast. We walked over to Big Sky to pay our fuel bill. I decided to top off the tanks before heading home. 679er took 21 gallons to top her off and that totaled $94. We departed Millville as traffic really started to pick up. I counted 5 in line to depart on runway 10 as I turned cross wind followed by down wind in the pattern. There was a Challenger jet inbound for down wind 10 which means he would be coming at our six o'clock. I climbed out to 3000' and announced clear of the area as the jet settled in the down wind leg of the pattern (parallel to the runway).
Wilmington was also getting busy as we entered the right base for r/w 1. I was cleared to land and had another jet on a long final. Neither of us had visual contact, but I couldn't see behind me. I landed very smooth with the stall horn singing. My zen moment was interrupted by the tower as he directed me to expedite to the first taxiway 'D'elta on my right, noting a jet was on short final. I acknowledged with expedite right turn Delta for 679er. I cleared beyond the hold short and flipped over to ground when the jet came roaring by thrust reverser's fully engaged.
We quickly buttoned up 679er and headed for home. It's a beautiful day out and we intend to spend it out and about, after a cool drink and short nap.

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