Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Progress Continues

A quick update on my post surgery status. My home nurse says I'm doing well and my Physical Therapist seems to think my torture is moving along nicely. I asked to try the stairs Monday since my shoulder is feeling better. I'm still toe touch - no weight bearing status so I had to hop up the steps one at a time. It went smoothly going up and after a short rest it went just as smooth heading down the steps.

Today I decided to work the steps and have lunch in the kitchen. Up and back no problems which felt great. I'm trying to get up the guts to try the next set of steps going to the bedroom and master bath.......my kingdom for a shower! We did venture out today in the SUV. With all the therapy exercises it was a snap getting in and out of the truck. It was very refreshing to see the outdoors, new buds on all the tress some with leaves popping out. Pretty colors, fresh air and a change of scenery, good for the mind.

My lovely Bride is out with the girls celebrating her friends birthday, I wish I was eating dinner with them. I hope she has fun, God knows she needs a break from me and playing nurse.

I hope to report more over the next week......fly safe and have fun!

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AdamB said...

Great day to be out and get some fresh air! Was 92 here today.

Glad to see you're progressing well.
Say hi to Mary for Marisol and I.