Sunday, April 05, 2009

Self Grounding

It's a definite, I have no chance at completing my IR prior to my surgery date. It looks to be a gorgeous day outside and here I sit typing on the stinking computer. I'm self grounding for my sickness and the medicine I'm taking. The Doc has me taking Avelox 400 antibiotic, it really kills the infection but leaves me feeling lightheaded. With moments of feeling lightheaded and if I bend over I feel down right dizzy, I figure it's a safe bet to hang up the airplane keys and work on getting better. The priority is to be ready for surgery so that is what I am trying to focus on.

I also had to stop taking Advil for any pain relief to remove the blood thinner factor. Instead I was given some new fangled patch to put on for twelve hour intervals. Lidoderm is the product name and it basically numbs the area where you apply the stick-on patch.

I hope to be back in the cockpit by early June, two months post hip revision. At least there are some fellow pilots I know who blog and I can fly/live through their postings and keep in contact with aviation, and get my fix. I'm going to have to work on Mary to see if she'll drive me to Kay's to meet the North East Flyers group for breakfast in two weeks.....which will roll right into my plea to attend the Wings Fly-B-Q.

I'll post again after my surgery, until then, Fly Safe!


Anonymous said...

Good luck on the surgery Gary, you will be back in the cockpit before you know it.


Steve said...

Sometimes you just have to wait it out. Best of luck for a speedy recovery, Gary. We'll see you in the skies again soon!

Unknown said...

I hope all goes very well with the surgery Gary. Concentrate on taking care of yourself first. As my primary instructor said, flight training is a marathon, not a sprint. The IR will come in good time.


Gary said...

Thanks everyone.....It was a goal I wanted to reach, so for now it's a bit hard to swallow.

I'll take comfort in the analogy of the marathon and not a sprint. Maybe with the new hip I'll run a little faster!

Hope to be back blogging soon...

Rob said...

Well Gary, sorry to hear, but I respect you fully for making the decision. Take care of yourself this week and give me an update when you can.

With all the stress of things lately, I'm sure you'll enjoy finishing out the rating with your new CFII when you return to flying in a few weeks.

Mike said...

sorry to come late to party here...Garry - I am wishing for you to have an improved outcome with your upcomming procedure. If your wife rather not drive and if you can manage to get into a plane, give me a ring for you NE flyer get togeather, I will be around and of course I am always looking for a reason to fly.