Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Change of Plans

There has been a change of plans. Mary and I sat down and talked about the Florida get-away but spending around eight hours to get there and at least eight to get back would really limit our vacation time. If we had a week or so to play it would have been a no brainer, we could have spent some time in the Keys and explored a bit more.
Ok, update our plan with a two and a half hour leg and we can make it a leisurely flight south after getting Maggie to the kennel.  That means my morning tea at Dunkin and maybe breakfast at our favorite place. No 7am departure needed for this hop. I reserved a room and will make the call for a rental car tomorrow. Now I just have to hope for good beach wx. Nags Head here we come!


Steve said...

Have fun! :)

Gary said...

Steve, We hope so!

We really need to just bug out of town for a few days and enjoy the time away from the everyday rush. AS much as I want to log the hours flying I want to kick back and relax too.