Sunday, January 01, 2012

Georgetown Breakfast

 I decided to start the year off right with a short flight today. The wx is perfect and it's going all downhill the rest of the week.  Mary passed on breakfast so I sent Vince a text and posted on Facebook.  Jeff in Woodbine posted that the Woodbine pilots are heading to Georgetown -KGED, great, I'm in.

I quickly uncovered and pulled out the one gallon sprayer I had stowed in the baggage compartment earlier in the week. A few pumps for pressure and a light spray had the frost rolling of the wing.  I completed my pre-flight and turned 08Romeo into the sun while I parked my SUV outside the gate.

I sent Vince a text that I am wheels up in five minutes, no answer.  I was already warming up the oil at low idle and had just released the brake when he sent a text.  I responded,taking off - catch up next weekend. I felt bad but I really wanted to get to GED while the Woodbine pilots were still there.
C5 Climbing over the Bay
I launched for Georgetown and once turned on course and approved for a frequency change I turned up the music. I did dial in Dover Approach since I would be flying over the air base at three thousand feet. I watched a C5 take off and turn out towards the Bay and the young lady flying that heavy was alerted to traffic south bound at my altitude, yep, it was me.  I contacted Dover, stated my position, altitude and that I had the heavy climbing over the Bay. They gave me a squawk code and we road along together.
Northbound - East view over the Bay on DE shoreline
I guess I was ten north of Georgetown when I canceled flight following and announced my position on unicom.  There was a plane working in the pattern, one just ahead of me joining number two behind the pattern guy, myself and one other heading in. I crossed midfield for the left down wind runway two two and made an ok, "flat", landing.  I taxied in and secured 08Romeo then headed for the restaurant.
Breakfast bunch
Jeff's Mooney

Finally some tail winds!
Good eats at the breakfast buffet and great conversation, always good for some laughs. We squared away the bill and headed out to the flight line. I was number four for departure and heading north. The winds had picked up but I would have a tail wind for my ride home. The sky was clear, despite the brown mucky layer in the distance. I rode home with good ground speeds and listened to the 70's hits.  I did monitor Dover since I would once again cross over the field. Got lucky again as I watched a 747 take off opposite direction and climb out towards the bay. I wonder if I look like a bug on their windscreen?
747 Departing Dover AFB

View of Wilmington turning base to final
Delaware memorial Bridges on down wind
I contacted the Wilmington tower and acknowledged a left down wind for runway one niner. I felt better with a smooth landing on this leg, having to add power to make the first taxiway. All secured I said goodbye to 08Romeo and headed home. Welcome to 2012!!


TangoWhiskey said...

Great way to start the New Year!

Anonymous said...

Gary - what mixture are you using in the sprayer to get light frost off the wings? Thx - Rick

Gary said...

Rick - I use it straight, it's cheap and works great. Here is a link to the product and the MSDS sheet.