Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Update Mary's Headset

Mary and I have went back and forth on her headset.  Our first headsets were the David Clark H10-13S model, great headset.  With the purchase of our own plane and many more hours of planned flight we each decided to upgrade to ANR's (Active Noise Reduction).  I purchased the Lightspeed Zulu's with bluetooth capability.  A great function when trying to pick up a clearance or release with the fan already turning.
Bluetooth compatible: Wireless phone and music interface with controls is embedded into the battery box. Comm. Priority Mute: Circuitry gives priority to incoming radio calls, automatically muting the aux music source.  Audio System: Full wireless stereo interface with patented Front Row Center (FRC) audio circuitry. One wireless audio input and one wired.  The Zulu FRC solves the problem of left/right channel isolation on stereo headphones. The processor closely matches the shadowing affect of the head for the crossfeed signal to the left (or right) ear. The signal is both amplitude and delay corrected to compensate for the increased distance the sound would travel. The results are extremely pleasing and akin to switching from mono to stereo.

Mary didn't want to spend the extra money for something she didn't need so she decided on the David Clark X11 headset. She really liked her first set and wanted to stay with DC's. We purchased the X11's and they served her well. Very lightweight (12oz) and no clamping pressure, this was the ticket. Over time we realized that the DC's didn't produce the same quality sound when we played the xm music and selections from her iPod. It was time for a change.
David Clark Company developed the Electronic Noise Canceling Headset System. (ENC).
Active reduction of unwanted noise is achieved by a process which amounts to cancellation of the noise by generating a signal identical in sound pressure level (SPL) but exactly reversed in phase to the offending noise; the effect being a cancellation.

We sold her X11's and purchased a set of Bose X. This is a really nice unit and will provide excellent sound quality when she turns up the tunes! Another set of minimum clamping pressure and again very light weight at only 12oz. 
A rare combination of benefits helps distinguish this headset from all other pilot headsets. Most importantly, Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headset technology, pioneered by Bose, dramatically reduces the engine roar you hear in the cockpit.

Here's how it works:
Small microphones in each earcup monitor ambient sound. Innovative electronics immediately identify the unwanted noise and create an opposite signal to reduce it. The result? You hear dramatically less engine noise, and more of your communications. This advanced noise reduction technology combines with exclusive Bose headset design and active EQ to provide you with quality audio in a compact headset weighing only 12 ounces.

Lighter is better
With lighter, more compact earcups, Aviation Headset X requires significantly less clamping force than most noise reduction headsets. Many pilots say this easy-on-the-head design makes a big difference in how they feel after a long flight. The solid magnesium headband is also extremely lightweight and durable. A sheepskin cushion eliminates hot spots, and soft ear cushions provide an effective seal, even over glasses.

Long battery life, smart controls
Proprietary AdaptiSense® headset circuitry gives you at least 40 hours of headset use from just two AA alkaline batteries. This Bose innovation automatically adjusts the headset's need for power according to the levels of cockpit noise and radio communications.


Anonymous said...

how did the anr work with sunglasses?

Anonymous said...

how will did did the anr work with sunglasses on the x11?

Gary said...

My Bride tells me they were quiet but at times she had a hard time hearing ATC. The Bose headset has really made a difference, she can hear the xm music and ATC loud and clear. The "used" Bose purchase was worth the upgrade.

Anonymous said...

i think i go with a used bose x and get the aux jack accessory so i can listen to music $1000 for an a20 is a little speed