Sunday, April 15, 2012

Charge it up

I made a quick run to the airport after visiting Mary's Mom in the hospital today.  I wanted to pull the battery and make sure it was charged for a possible beach run next weekend.  After uncovering and a pre-flight inspection I tried to start 08Romeo.  I only got a few clicks then gave up. I pulled the one battery that seems to have an issue and charged it with Marys car.

It seems if I let 08Romeo sit longer than three weeks she won't start. With a 15-20 minute charge with cables she'll fire right up. I'm going to order a new battery and when I change the oil, in ten hours, I'll have the battery installed.

Once 08Romeo started I decided to take her up for a short spin and really let the batteries charge. I contacted ground for a taxi clearance then over to the tower when my run up was completed. I headed to the south east and did some slow flight and steep turns then turned back for the airport. With the current ATIS info noted I made my way for runway two seven as directed. A super sweet landing without even a squeak of the mains, I had to feel it rolling to know I was indeed on the  ground. I made the first turn off and headed to the tie down.


James David said...

Don't let your aircraft rest so long or else it might rest for a long time. It's best to fly it to maintain the engine's well-being. Thanks for this blog! I love reading blogs from aviation enthusiasts. Experiences in flights are really worth reading, be it tragic or fun. I learned a lot from reading pilots' stories.

James David teaches people how to buy single engine airplanes & has a passion for the Cessna 170

Gary said...


08Romeo is pretty active for the most part. Family health issues with my Bride has slowed our flying down just a bit. I hope to put an end to 08R's "rest" and get back to rolling up the hours!

Nice article on the 170, sweet ride.