Friday, December 14, 2012

Day Trip Lewes DE

I decided a day off today was in order since the wx was going to be perfect for a fun flight.  Our original plan was to head to Cambridge MD - KCGE, then KOXB for a quick road tour followed by a short flight north to KGED for strolling along 2nd street.
The crew!
Mary and I decided it would be more fun to have time to stroll around Lewes Delaware enjoying the specialty shops and making a stop at one of our favorite bakery's. We headed direct KGED-Georgetown, Delaware.  We made great time with a ten knot tail wind and entered the left cross wind for runway two eight. A bit of a floater but we're in and headed for the ramp.
Looking down the Delaware Bay to the Ocean. Cape May NJ on the left and Delaware on the right
Mary and I decided to eat breakfast at the Lighthouse restaurant at the terminal, this also got us a ten cent a gallon discount on fuel.  What timing, the FBO lowered the price per gallon from $6.33 to $5.58 WooHoooo!!  $5.58 beats my home airport price even with the .15 cent a gallon discount. I'll also get .23 cents a gallon back with the Delaware Motor Fuel Tax refund.
Love tail winds!
After we enjoyed our breakfast we had the use of a courtesy car for some exploring. We toured the shops on 2nd street, up one side and down the other until we had our fill. Once again we saddled up and had one more stop to make. This was a quick dash at Lloyds market for Mary's family favorite, Milton sausage. I prefer Helen's sausage up the road a bit but to each their own.
2nd Street Mall
With all booty accounted for we headed back to the airport. I settled up my fuel bill and received the print out of this years fuel purchases for submission on the fuel tax refund. With a quick sump of the tanks and a walk around to check the plane we were ready to go.
Birds on the Delaware River
Salem hard at work
I did not file for either leg, instead enjoying quiet time with my Bride. I taxied out and held for a Cirrus on short final then launched from runway two eight. 08Romeo flew very nice today, good steady CHT numbers and solid climb performance in the cool outside temps. Mary slept on the way home (with her neck pillow) and I enjoyed the view. Another fun day thanks to 08Romeo and the good folks at Georgetown Air.

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