Thursday, May 30, 2013

Approach Work

Mike and I got together tonight for some approaches and a dinner run to Chester County, KMQS.  I packed my flight bag last night complete with the Foreflight update 5.1.1, updated charts and the Jeppesen  update for the Garmin 530.
I dashed out of work at 3pm and headed to the plane.  08Romeo really needs a wax job, she is looking dull.  I hope to have they guy scheduled for next week to bring her shine back and have her really looking good for summer.
I went through the pre-flight, sumped fuel and was ready for Mike to arrive.  Mike came through the gate and did an abbreviated walk around then climbed aboard.  The plan for this evening was a few ILS approaches at Chester County followed by dinner at the Flying Machine Cafe'.  My first ILS was ok. I was out of sorts on my flow, setting speed to 90 knots way early as I was about ready to get established.  This approach ended in a low approach only, as planned.  Round two was much sharper, I kept the needles in the bubble and did a nice job with managing the cockpit and checks.  I really do need to verbalize more. I guess I cut that out of my procedures because Mary doesn't seem to like me calling everything out......maybe she thinks I forgot what I'm supposed to do???   Nah.....but the thought cracks me up.
Round two ends with a full stop and taxi off to the ramp. We enjoyed dinner at the Cafe' and as always did some post flight review. I'm rusty, it's obvious and I need to get back to flying more instruments.
We launched for Summit, KEVY and Mike shoots the GPS 17 approach. A bit of a rough go on the first approach but Mike soon dialed in and flew 08Romeo as he always does, smooth and on the numbers. This approach ended on a low approach and followed with a transfer of control back to yours truly.
I wanted to shoot the ILS 1 back into Wilmington, KILG.  Mike role played ATC and vectored me in.  I did a nice job, cockpit management much better with nice speed and needle control. I lifted the foggles at 300 feet and attempted the landing. I felt I was way to hot and after setting 08Romeo down without letting her quit flying  I managed to briefly skip on the mains and nose it in. Ughhh....full power going around. I didn't feel like playing Flipper.

After advising the tower I was going missed I was redirected to enter a right base for runway three two. Not a problem as I gathered my thoughts and got back on the ground.

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