Tuesday, December 02, 2014

2014 in Review

It's time for my annual year in review and a look forward to some new goals for 2015. Looking back at the goals I set in 2013 I at least managed to bust one hundred hours this year.  No new upgrades on 08Romeo but maybe we can get things done in 2015.

2014 Totals

Hours:   ASEL- 109 YTD - TT 929
         Landings- 92
         Approaches- ILS 3, GPS 12, VOR 2
         Cross Country- 95.1
         IMC- 6.9
         Sim.IMC- 4

F45-North Palm Beach County, West Palm Beach, FL.
KAYS- Waycross-Ware County Airport,  Waycross, GA
KHQU-Thomson-McDuffie County Airport,
Thomson, GA

KJZI-Charleston Executive Airport,
Charleston, SC

States: Florida

Aircraft: Cirrus SR22

Fun Flights:
Beach runs turned into home away from home flights to be with my Bride. Mary has been holding down the fort in Ocean City while I try and get the house sold in North Wilmington. She has her hands full with the three cats and Ziva the American Mastiff. We hope to find a buyer in 2015 so I can retire!

The only 'distance' flight was our Thanskgiving get-away to Florida. Our Valentines day Singer Island get-away was cancelled due to snow :(

2015  Goals

Hours: Same as every year, at least 100 and I hope to bust a total time of 1000 hours.

It will be different for us this year. I will be retired shortly after our home in North Wilmington is sold. I have no plane in Delaware, we gave up the hangar at New garden and now keep 08Romeo in Maryland full time. Maybe we'll use the plane in reverse, flights 'from' the beach to visit family and friends in Delaware instead of weekend beach runs.

Mary and I have discussed more four day get-aways.  We are looking forward to Jekyll Island, GA., visiting family in Boston,  finally crossing Mackinac Island off our bucket list and a few more hot spots. We have also talked about getting back into animal rescue flights for MAESSR. I have also given some thought to the vacant Beech Aero Club Mid-Atlantic Regional Director position...more on this later.

Aircraft Upgrades: 
Still on the list is Replacing the Collins Audio panel with a PMA800B panel.  Replace the Century I autopilot with an STEC capable of shooting approaches and tracking course.

After this past weeks flight I will say I still enjoy hand flying. I'm thinking that if wx gets that bad, like it did Tuesday, I'll divert and sit it out.  Everyone keeps telling me don't put 15K into the plane, buy something faster with an autopilot. I admit I did say a few times in those heavy rains and winds I would have liked to run my diversion numbers and have the autopilot keep us on course and level providing less of a stress and work load.


Chris said...

107 hours - not too shabby!

I hear you about the autopilot. People keep telling me that I should install one, but that seems like a pricey upgrade for my old Warrior. And then when you start talking about moving up...well, we've already had the conversation. I think you and I are in a similar spot there.

Jekyll and Mackinac Islands are both worthwhile destinations, Gary. Looking forward to reading about your journeys next year!

Gary said...

Mary is still supporting a step up to something faster but I just can't open the wallet. 08Romeo does everything we need just not a speed burner.

I agree spending the money on our aircraft will never pay back if and when we sell. I was offered 55k when I had the plane listed. There is no way to recoup an additional 15-20k install.

Besides I'm not up for flying hard IFR more than last weeks flight...Mary wasn't comfortable and it wore me out.

Steve said...

That's a solid year, sir. You really do one of the best jobs padding that XC column in the logbook of anyone I know.

It's not exactly a beach destination, but you're always welcome in Dayton should you guys want to venture west.

Gary said...

Mary is headed to Dayton this Saturday to help out friends that just had twins. Wish I was flying out and back, it would have been nice to catch up.
Mary is flying out on Piedmont (United)from SBY CLT CVG.

Steve said...

She picked a great week, it's supposed to be -6! ;-) At least it'll be in the teens or twenties by the weekend, at least.

I think you made a wise decision hanging at the beach this time 'round.