Sunday, February 08, 2015

Georgetown Breakfast Run


My last flight was January 17th so 08Romeo really needed to get the oil pumping. I also needed some flight time, the skill set is use it or loose it, ok I like to keep telling myself that. It's only been a few weeks so it's more like knocking off some rust.

I turned the Reiff heaters on early Saturday morning.  No, not once I got up but sometime around midnight when the thought hit me. I ran all my errands Saturday so there was no time to fly but this morning flying was first on my to do list.

The Woodbine flying bunch started text messaging this morning and a destination was selected. Todays flight would be to Georgetown, KGED.  This is an up and down for me, maybe fifteen minutes if I do some steep turns and slow flight. It was gorgeous, why not play a little. I eventually made my call ten south with landing intentions for GED, a pair of Mooney's chimed in too.  The Woodbine bunch was heading for a straight in and that would work out perfect as I entered the left down wind. I was number three and followed Jeff in. I landed a bit long and had to make a U-turn for the fastest runway exit for Harv's  Mooney that had already turned final.

It was great to catch up with the group. I honestly look forward to Sunday mornings and the text for the weeks new destination.  When walking out to 08Romeo I saw Franks plane on the ramp. I had the chance to catch up with him (AirDorin)and checked out the fresh paint on his twin Comanche, awesome paint job! Frank was getting ready to fly some approach work with a fellow instructor so we kept it short.

I ended the day with a nice landing back at Ocean City. I tucked 08Romeo in for the night with a cowl blanket, heaters and the battery maintainer hooked up awaiting her next mission.

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