Sunday, February 22, 2015

N/A Newport News

With winter wx locking the mid-Atlantic and north east in we decided to get-away and take in a show. Of course my lovely Bride makes the statement that she is tired of rain and wishes we had some snow.  Ok, what is mother natures definition of 'some'?  Answer; 6-8"  with drifts. Now most of our pilot friends in the north east just busted up laughing but 8" of snow on the eastern shore of Maryland is an issue. These folks really have no clue about plowing, unlike the snowfighters of Delaware, who kick butt!
The HOA clears our driveway and roadway in time to head for Newport News Virginia.  I have taken enough advil to help relieve the back pain and we point the SUV south. Overall roads are clear with shoulders, turning lanes and crossovers still needing attention.  We make good time and cross the Bay Bridge Tunnel marking off 122 miles in just over two hours. I did stop the clock when we diverted for breakfast in the little town of Onancock, VA, just north of KMFV, Accomack County Airport in Melfa, Va.
The Bay Bridge was clear sailing, no traffic to speak of, we were the only vehicle in the tunnels, which felt very odd. The driving experience as we had known it came to and end once back on land south of the bay bridge.  I'm guessing there are no plows past the bay. The roads were brutal, passable but not safe conditions. We made our way to the Ferguson Center to pick up our tickets for the show then headed five miles to our hotel.
Pictures from our many crossings at altitude.
We went out to dinner with Mary's long time friend, Susan. It's always fun to catch up and once together it seems like we last saw each other the day before.  It's funny how that is with friends, like no time was ever lost or had passed. After enjoying a great steak dinner we headed for the show.
It's a five mile trip and parking at the Center is always pretty simple. There is a parking garage just a very short stroll from the main building and as people park they exit the garage and file along the brick paver walkway to the main entrance.  Once inside the atmosphere is charged. I love to people watch and it was almost sensory overload. As show time neared we made our way to our excellent seating, row D, center stage. Cue the music.....lights come up!
I must admit Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons are one of my all time favorites so this was a real treat. Hit after hit as the story unfolded, you could not help but sing along. I enjoyed the hits, including their first, Sherry along with Big Girls Don’t Cry, Walk Like a Man, December 63, Rag Doll, Who Loves You, Working My Way Back To You, Dawn, and Bye Bye Baby.
I did enjoy the movie but the stage show was even better. The crowd was into it and it made for a fantastic night out with my Bride.
We met up with Susan for breakfast and then headed home. The ride north was just under three hours and once again no traffic on the Bay Bridge. Plenty of police pulling over speeders along the way but overall smooth sailing. We did make a stop at KMFV airport for a nature call and I wanted to find out about courtesy cars or rentals that would be available. It seems Enterprise is the only game in town and they will drop off and pick up the car at the airport terminal. I think Mary and I are going to fly in and rent a car then antique shop the area for the day sometime this spring.
If we can get some decent wx I will be once again posting about our "flying" travels.  For now it's sharing the ground pounding adventures.
Why didn't we fly?  The wx was looking perfect for the flight south, clear sky not much winds.  The return home was changing from scattered layers to a broken layer and freezing temps. Winds were noted around 25-30 knots.  I didn't like the mix and the potential for icing, let alone riding a crazy bucking horse home battling the winds aloft. There will be many other opportunities to make this trip by air.

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