Thursday, June 25, 2015

Planned Flights

Its a gorgeous day and I am sitting here typing while waiting for the stone mason to show up. I should be at the airport pulling 08Romeo out of hibernation and getting some air time or at the very least sitting on the beach working on my tan.

While I sit here and wait I decided to post some info on our planned flights for the end of summer and fall season. So far we are locked into reservations for our late summer trip to Jekyll Island.
We went back and forth on a hotel and while the Westin on Jekyll would be fantastic, it was decided that we should save some money and book at the Hampton Inn.  With a huge fall trip scheduled we wanted to watch the flying budget dollars and the Hampton has always provided a clean room and great service on prior trips.
For our fall trip we decided on attending the Beech Aero Clubs BACFest.  This year the gathering of mice will be in Dubuque, Iowa.  It will be a busy few days with a Fly-out with lunch to Abel Island, mouse maintenance clinics, a Mississippi River cruise with dinner,a shopping trip for the significant others with lunch, member meeting with lunch, and a Banquet in the River View Room located at our hotel, The Grand Harbor Resort and River Convention Center.
On departure day, Sunday, Mary and I decided to make the flight out to Rapid City, KRAP.  It's five hours flight time and it will cross off one of my bucket list items, viewing the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. I would also like to see the Devils Tower and visit the Badlands National Park. Maybe the last two by air, TBD.
It will be a busy flying two weeks but I am really excited.  It will be a fun trip for Mary and I and I'm sure one to add to our 'most' memorable flights.
We are also working on a trip out to Dayton Ohio and a trip to Boston to visit family. Maybe we can wrap an overnight or two in Dayton before BACFest, that would make for shorter legs on the overall trip and give us some time to see our friends.  Mary and I have also talked about getting back to Maine, maybe a four day get-away to Bar Harbor.  So much to see and do.
Next up my flight physical scheduled for July27th and getting my updated aircraft registration in that expires July 31st.


Chris said...

Great plans, Gary! Ah, to have sufficient leave from work to attempt something similar!

Now, where is that blogger meetup we keep talking about going to be?

Two thumbs up on the Hampton Inn on Jekyll Island. It's hands-down the nicest Hampton I've ever stayed at. I'll relay the advice on Jekyll that was given to me by another point during a stop in South Carolina: you'll love it, but don't land long or short, you'll be in a swamp if you do!

Sorry Dayton didn't work out earlier this year.

Have fun!

Gary said...

We need to get the blogger meetup on the schedule!!

Great to hear about the Hampton, we really like their hotels. I'm looking forward to the Jekyll advice. There is a pilot on POA that just flew down yesterday, he's going to provide a PIREP too.