Sunday, August 30, 2015

Breakfast via Ground

The Woodbine bunch got the typical Sunday morning group texts started at 8:30 this morning.  I grumbled my way around the house knowing I would be ground pounding it 35 minutes north to Georgetown, KGED.

Why Grounded?

I self grounded by letting my medical expire the end of July.  My last flight taking my friend Rob and his Daughter on a coastal sight seeing tour. Not wanting to panic anyone, my health is just fine. My BP is great and all my blood work came back excellent, I'm the healthiest fat guy around.

All kidding aside..

With the strict Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) screening at flight physical time I thought it best to do my own preemptive strike. Since my BMI will flag a test, I scheduled an overnight study with the sleep doctor at the local hospital.

I spent three months in a hospital after my truck accident in 1985 and I have to tell you I HATE hospitals.
It's a wild urge to flee rather than fight, it's the best way to explain it. After my hip revision in 2009 I attempted to walk, ok wheel myself, out of the Wilmington Medical center. See Sprung From The Hospital. I have my test scheduled and my flight physical too.  The plan is to still make BAC Fest in October and Mt. Rushmore.

Time to eat

As I pulled in the parking lot I had a clear view to the north east and got to see Jeff on final in his Mooney.  Harv was in tow very short final as Jeff cleared the runway. The usual gang was there and we enjoyed the group of eight sharing conversation and good food.
The 'pilots' squared away their fuel bills and I just stood there. I did tag along out to the planes to at least get my ramp fix. The guys all saddled up and taxied out in line to runway two-two for departure. All the planes looked and sounded great...I really miss flying.


Chris said...

Good luck, my friend.

Gary said...

Thanks, Chris. I hope to get it squared away soon.