Sunday, August 09, 2015

Friends Fly-In Visit

Mary and I were very excited to have our friends visit us here at the beach.  Adam Z and his Bride Tam were going to fly down Saturday but the wx for beach time was not looking good.  Instead, they arrived at KOXB early this morning and we picked them up for a fun day.

We spent some beach time cooking in the sun despite not being allowed in the water.  First time I have ever heard the life guards keeping everyone out. In their defense I will say the waves and undertow were the worst I have seen.  I watched boats come out of the channel and turn north disappearing with the rise and fall of the waves only to turn around and immediately head back in.
We eventually packed up and made our way back to the SUV to stow the chairs and beach bags, then headed back up on the boardwalk for a late lunch at the Frog Bar.
The Frog Bar and Grill overlooks Assateague Island and the Ocean City Inlet. The view is fantastic and really lives up to its local nickname "Brew with a View".   The men had fish tacos and the ladies had cheeseburgers.  Good food, good laughs and great friends!

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