Friday, March 04, 2016

Commercial Pilot Training

Today I purchased the King Cessna Pilot Center, cleared for hire commercial pilot kit. My journey begins with the ground portion which is pretty much a review of the private pilot information.

Why King? Well, I've used the King courses from day one on my private pilot and instrument rating with success. They can be a bit corny at times but their method works. Besides, the local school and most of the accelerated training centers use them too.

Now that I've taken this step I figure I may as well document the training as I did for the PPL and Instrument.

I hope you follow along and gain something from my quest. If not, I hope I can at least provide a few laughs along the way.


Pilot said...

Good luck, and have fun!

Gary said...

Thanks! Two days of the King videos already has my eyes spinning like a carnival toy.....yikes!

Chris said...

Best wishes, Gary. I'll be following along to see how it all goes!

-- Chris

Gary said...

Thanks, Chris. The plan is to finish the ground portion then take the test. Once that is complete I'll knock out the flying. The only thing I'll need for the 'flying' portion is 10 hours complex (school has an arrow), two hour night cross country of 100nm from point of origin and of course the performance maneuvers.