Sunday, February 28, 2016

Ocean Aviation Invades Williamsburg

The emails were sent and plans locked in for our flight to Williamsburg. One snag...Mary woke up this morning with a migraine so she backed out of the flight. Once I made sure she was ok and had a dark quiet room along with something cold to drink, I slipped out for todays flight.

Ready to depart two-zero
Yesterday was busy as we caught up with my Sister Denise and her Husband Dave for an early lunch at Jimmys Grille in Bridgeville Delaware. That was followed up by some snooze time and then we met up with our neighbors Ginny and Bill for dinner at Sello's. Maybe too much activity brought on the migraine.

Today was going to be an easy flight and a tour of the Williamsburg winery. Since I was going to be solo I thought I would try to catch up with friends Ryan and Katy and pass on the winery.

KWAL - Wallops Flight Facility
There was a good turn out this morning in the pilot meeting, at least eleven people. Once everyone had an aircraft to fly or ride along confirmed we headed for the ramp. I got the fan turning on 08Romeo since I already had preheated, preflight completed and taken on fuel.
Some head wind
KMFV - Accomack
I taxied out for runway two-zero and made a few calls to Potomac Clearance Delivery, no answer.  Heck with this, its gorgeous out, I launched. I did pick up flight following with Patuxent and was on my way headed south west towards Snow Hill. I settled in at six thousand five hundred with the hope of evading the sixteen knot headwinds, no luck.
Williamsburg Golf Club and Busch Gardens towards the top
The view was relaxing and the ride smooth, very enjoyable. I was handed off to Norfolk approach and left the peninsula behind me as I crossed the Chesapeake Bay. There were two container ships below, one off each wing. The left side cargo ship had a big target on the center of the deck, maybe for a helicopter, very strange but provided this simple mind some funny what if thoughts.
Williamsburg bee hive
Ok, enough about tossing make believe bombs over the side at my make believe enemy shipping target and get back to the present day. I canceled with Norfolk and started down for Williamsburg. I had traffic inbound from the north, a Mooney and a few other aircraft in the area. I made my ten and five mile calls and had the airport to myself as I crossed midfield and entered a right down wind for one-three. I was a little hot and floated, settling the left main down for the cross wind and then planted the right and nose. It was a very bumpy ride on the taxiway back to the terminal.
I was the second plane on the ground and we waited for the remaining aircraft to land. One by one they each landed and taxied for the ramp, all arrived safely. The weather was perfect but the group opted to eat inside, probably best for conversations.
We each had our fill and I managed to purchase a loaf of the fresh Bavarian bread. Usually they don't sell any bread until the end of the day but our waitress pulled it off. Most of the group decided to go over to the winery once the taxi arrived. Three planes decided to head for home and I was the meat in the sandwich.
I kept the eyeballs out the window searching for the two aircraft.  I did see the trailing bird as we crossed the York river bridge and I had two thousand foot separation for altitude, plenty safe.  The second aircraft kept getting closer and since we were all headed home to OXB the three of us mirrored each others moves. At one point Norfolk called the "three in a line" out to another plane headed in our same direction but behind us. I was monitoring but not talking to approach.
The ride home was with a tail wind, that's always fun.  My Sundowner out ran both Cessna's. Once we crossed the Bay I never was able to get a visual on either plane and they were within two miles. Thanks once again to the ADS-B traffic.

I deleted the Snow Hill VOR from my flight plan and tracked direct Ocean City, saving a little time.  I made my calls and entered the left down wind for runway two-zero and made a smooth landing. As I taxied back towards the ramp and crossed runway three-two I saw one Cessna land and the other turn base. The second guy nailed it... He was off by the runway crossing.
Tucked in after a fun day of flying
Next month I think we are headed to First Flight. Maybe Mary and I will make this an overnight stay.

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