Saturday, February 13, 2016

Passenger Headsets

My Lightspeed Zulu's -  Marys Bose X
I have been wanting to buy a nice headset for our passengers. I thought about a set of David Clark H10-13S Stereo headsets and gave serious thoughts to a used pair of Bose X.
We have a pair of passive headsets that our passengers use. After having to use the SkyLites on a reposition flight with my Zulu's sitting in my plane, I vowed to upgrade. At one point I upgraded Marys headset from the DC H10-13S stereo set to the DC-X11 ANR set.  They were light weight but they just didn't cut it for quiet. I sold those and bought Mary a Bose X, she loves them. Typically, we only carry one additional passenger so I figured the one passive set and an extra Bose X would be perfect. Maybe I'll up date the other SkyLite set at some point.
X11 ANR headset
After watching the Ebay market for a few weeks I jumped in on a Bose X set that was running about $85 more than the DC's.  I ran a few bids and lost one set that went out of control for +$480. Another set that was dirt cheap because it had a broken ear cup arm but the bid went well above what I thought they were worth knowing they would have to get shipped to/from Bose for an repair and update.  Finally I came across a set listed at a great number and for some reason the bidding was under control. I think some people get it in their heads once they bid they HAVE to win it. I bought and sold too many horses to know when it's time to walk or run someone up.
Bottom line, I purchased a used set of Bose X for our back-seaters at $385. The set is in excellent condition and arrived as advertised.
Jo! Next time you fly you'll be able to enjoy the music with a real headset! :)

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