Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Quick Tips: Annotations

Taxi Diagrams

One of the helpful items ForeFlight has provided is the ability to make notes on approach plates and taxi diagrams. Part of our pre-flight planning should ALWAYS include reviewing NOTAMS at the departure and arrival airports along with alternate airports for those IFR flights. Sadly, while working many airport construction projects I have seen and heard aircraft insisting they can land on closed runways while men and equipment are out there. Let’s be safe and smart, and do our due diligence prior to departure.
I am flight planning for KOXB to KILG, a short hop less than an hour. I check NOTAMS and notice there is construction ongoing and certain taxiways are closed. Let’s annotate the taxi diagram and make it easy to remember what’s closed and what’s open and locate the shop so it’s all clear when the taxi diagram opens as we taxi clear of the runway. I used the marker selection for the shop(yellow)and for NOTAMS (red) and taxi instructions (blue).
Once our avionics are in hand and it’s time for departure. We can use the annotate tool once again to help us visualize the taxi route for departure. I previously selected a color and highlighted the avionics shop so I could locate it quickly on the taxi diagram upon my arrival.
08Romeo taxi via Kilo, Kilo 6, cleared to cross R/W 14, cleared to cross R/W 9, Foxtrot, and hold short R/W  1.
We are on the ramp and ground gives us our taxi instructions for departure. Easier to visualize that mouthful rather than copy on paper. Once again select a color, opacity and line thickness and trace the route with your finger.

Approach Plates
We can also annotate on approach plates.  This can come in handy for drawing your attention to approach specifics and terrain.  With the color selection, line thickness and opacity you can create highlighted areas or choose to place text on the plate. Your notes will be stored with each plate update unless the name of the approach plate changes.  Have fun, experiment with annotate and make flying easier!


Mike Bennett said...

Great tips.. Thank you.

Gary said...

You're welcome, Mike.

The Beech Aero club asked for some tips with foreflight so I've been digging and thought I would share what I find.