Sunday, February 21, 2016

Ocean Aviation Flyout to Cambridge

Ocean Aviation coordinated another fun flyout to KCGE, Cambridge Maryland.  Breakfast at Kay's! Pilots meeting was scheduled for 9:30 and Mary and I checked in early. We had already tugged 08Romeo out on the ramp and closed up the hangar, we were ready to go.
I was first to take off and would get in line to hold a table for the six participants.  The ride was smooth at three thousand as we cruised over Salisbury airspace while monitoring Patuxent Approach. For the Cambridge run we have to cross the restricted area R-4006. Stay below the 3,500 foot floor and your good to go.
Three views of the RT 50 Bridge crossing the Nanticoke River
Everyone arrived and we were seated at a table overlooking the ramp, always a good view. Breakfast was a bit slow coming out but the food was very good. Good aviation discussion along with a mix of political topics that seemed to get everyone involved.
We finished up breakfast and decided on our next flyout location. I can't tell will be in a future blog post.
FIS-B weather on iPad
FIS-B Weather on 530W
XM Painting what was ahead, north and south
The weather was calling for rain this afternoon, I think the time table has advanced.  The sky was getting dark to the west, thankfully we were all making a run east to the coast.
North View
South View
Fun time with new friends and finally getting to know pilots on the home field. Maybe I'll even find a safety pilot along the way.

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