Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Weather: FIS-B vs XM

I recently installed ADS-B in 08Romeo and with that comes the FIS-B weather. I have yet to cancel my xm weather subscription and I don't think I will. After many flights and comparing the two side by side I think xm does a better job for detail and actual coverage.
FIS-B is short for Flight Information System-Broadcast. FIS-B is a data broadcasting service that works with ADS-B to allow aircraft operators to receive aeronautical information such as weather and airspace restrictions through a data link to the cockpit.

The system gathers information through the use of ADS-B ground stations and radar and delivers that data to an aircraft's onboard cockpit display in the form of weather alerts, airport information and various other reports. FIS-B was created for use by general aviation pilots.

XM Weather
XM Weather is available from runway and takeoff to final approach and landing, having XM WX Satellite Weather onboard boosts pilots’ situational awareness through interactive graphical weather updates on compatible displays.

North view
Available instantly and continuously broadcast, the XM WX data stream includes high-resolution NEXRAD radar, lightning, satellite imagery, METARs, winds aloft and more.
South view
XM WX Satellite Weather employs a unique satellite delivery mechanism to ensure constant, reliable weather coverage, no matter how thick the clouds get or how hard it rains.

What have others noticed with their onboard weather and what system do you prefer?

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