Sunday, June 04, 2017

Buttonology, Intersecting Points

On one of my flying forum reads I came across a post that presented a navigation issue for the poster. How to enter a fix designated by two different VOR radials. Here is the post.

On a PnP trip between KDTO to KOWP (near Tulsa) Saturday, we were provided this routing in our clearance.


I was along for the ride as dog wrangler and to gain some exposure/experience in this Bonanza. But both myself and the PF (pilot flying) were stumped how to define in the GTN750 equipped on the plane and Foreflight on our iPads the point in lateral space defined by the intersection of those two radials (348° off of the Ranger VOR and 179° off of the Ardmore VOR). This was my first time to be given a clearance such as this.

The original poster did note that he worked through the issue and figured it out.

For Foreflight, it's super easy. In the flight plan edit box, you type in "FUZ348/ADM179" and that will define the point. So the entire entry in Foreflight is


I'll add some screen shots. Actually I left off the OKM VOR.

For the Garmin GNS series (430/530) it will take a few more steps but it can be done. The training sim is ancient so OWP is not listed, instead the identifier is 0F8.
Select the WPT last screen to create a waypoint. Give the point a user (USR) name, I selected FUZ1. Next toggle through the boxes and fill in the reference waypoint (REF WPT) and radial (RAD) for each point of reference. The distance filled itself in when the two waypoints were added.

Once the waypoint info is entered select create, which will be replaced by modify when you click on it.

Go to the flight plan (FPL) page and enter your saved waypoint (FUZ1) into your flight plan. 
I hope this info helps working with the GNS series a bit easier. I can not give enough praise to the FlightStream 210 that syncs the iPad to my Garmin 530, it's a big time saver when amending routes.


Chris said...

Thanks for sharing, Gary. I did not realize that this scenario was even possible, excepting times when the airplane is already flying along one of the radials. Of course, I'll probably forget how to do it by the time I need it! :-)

Gary said...

lol...that's why we practice. Whenever I read this type of post on one of the forums I always fire up the ancient sim and have at it. Then I'll do it on the iPad and see how that works out. Good practice and it helps keep the thought in the old brain.