Thursday, November 16, 2017

Annual 2017

A Busy Monday

The weather was rain and chilly temps for my ride to the shop this morning.  I was on the fence as far as work or shop time, but, thanks to mother nature and her rain, the bulk of the work was cancelled. Instead, I proceed past my normal turn off to cut through Millsboro on RT 24 and kept on track north bound on RT113. Traffic was light and I made decent time for my two hour trip. Of course once I pulled up to the shop I had forgotten to pack the rudder trim and LED tail nav light, items I wanted to have installed.
08Romeo had already been pushed into the shop when I arrived. Poor girl was wet and her engine cold.  I always wonder how the compression test will result from a cold soaked engine.  I chatted with Roger about a few items I was concerned about.
The first is Service Instruction 1167, the inspection and/or  replacement of the horizontal stabilator aft center spar. This SI effects all sundowners from serial number M1362 - M2270, 08Romeo is M2244. 
The second item of concern is the recommended Service Bulletin 27-3954 for Flight Controls - Install Flap Inspection Access Panels.
I went out to get started on removing inspection plates and help Josh and Jeremy with whatever I could. There are four inspection plates under each wing, one on each side of the tail and the tail cover access. Also underneath is the gascolator cover,  cable inspection cover and the dreaded wing spar cover, I really hate doing that one.
Wing spar cover
Gascolator panel removed

Josh got started on the engine and the compressions were really good.  77-77-78-79.  Once I finished the plates I cleaned the spark plugs.  I did find carbon in the bottom plugs and had to use a dental pick to clean them out. I then got to use one of my favorite machines, the glass bead blaster. This machine uses glass beads to clean the plugs or parts you choose. All the plugs get tested and gap checked with a final brush of the threads on a wire wheel.
left bottom plugs - right top plugs
lead deposits
all lead removed - plug for scale
Jeremy and Roger used a boroscope to check the stabilator spars. I felt much better probing around with the scope then watching inspection holes be cut into the underside of the control surface.  Everything looked good and as far as Roger and I are concerned, the spar is good to go.  As far as the flap attach bracket, we did a visual inspection. The rivets looked great, no cracking paint or soft feel to the flap so I put off cutting holes in the flap and agreed to revisit this service bulletin next year. 

Rear view - right mag leak

Front view - intake leak

Back up front Josh found my oil leak, it was the right mag and it was minimal. The mag was pulled and each surface was cleaned and reinstalled with a new gasket. The run up will let us know if the new gasket fixed the issue.  Also up front Josh noticed a leak at the intake manifold attach point for cylinder two.
before clean up for new gasket
Progress is moving along at a good pace and we haven't found any real issues that cause me concern. As the day came to a close Jeremy was getting ready to get 08Romeo in the air for gear, brake and bearing inspection and grease as needed.  I headed out and made the two hour trip home, its brutal.  
cleaned and ready for new gasket

I walked into the house to the smells of meatloaf, mashed potatoes and corn.  Excellent dinner prepared by my bride, and I did the dishes, ok stacked the dishwasher.  Time to get cleaned up and settle in for the night so my body can heal.  Tomorrow Mary has her second eye surgery and getting her squared away and comfortable is my priority.


Surgery Day

I did not make it to the shop today. Mary had her eye surgery and all went well. She is home resting. I am going to run some errands and get a few things ready to take to the shop for day 3.


Make Arrangements

Today I have to get Mary to her follow up visit with the eye doctor in Berlin Maryland. I'll be headed to the shop once Mary is back home and resting.

I ran to my hangar yesterday to pick up  a few maintenance items I purchased for 08Romeo.  One item is the rubber fairing for the vertical tail portion (rudder) connection to the stabilator. The other item is an LED (white)nav light for the rear position at the top of the tail fin. I held off on the donuts, that will be next years fun install.

Before I made the drive to the shop I thought it best to give a quick call and check on 08Romeno's status. Roger answered the call and I asked, what I could do to help today. Roger said, "they are pulling the plane out to run up and leak test along with the recurring AD's (ignition and Standby vac), we are waiting on the bracket air filter to arrive." Ah, ok, then I guess I'll head to work. Should I plan for Thursday or Friday pick up. It was decided that Friday would be the safe bet that way the bracket filter would be delivered and installed.

So, plans were made to be picked up by Jeremy on Friday at Ocean City and he would give me a ride back to the shop in his Cessna 152. That works out great, it saves me a rental one way. From the shop at 58M I will drop 08Romeo off at Red Eagle  in Wilmington (KILG)for the IFR cert and software updates on the Garmin 530, GDL88 and Flightstream 210. I may even have a new audio panel installed...stay tuned.

UPDATE 11/17

Winds aloft at three thousand are 330 degrees 20-30 knots. That's a hard long ride in a Cessna 150. I sent a text to Jeremy and advised I will drive to the shop, then fly my plane to Wilmington and then either taxi or rent a car back to Elkton to pick up my truck and drive home. The life of a pilot, and getting maintenance done on the airplane.

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