Thursday, February 28, 2019

Pilot Meet-Up

I had a fun time catching up with fellow pilot and blogger, Frank, of AirDorrin.  We swapped a few text messages and decided on lunch here in Ocean City, Maryland. I only had a short drive, Frank flew in from Wilmington, Delaware.
Frank's 1967 PA-30 Twin Comanche really gets after it, check out that speed.

The weather at Ocean City- KOXB was quite windy, making for chilly temps, the ceiling was broken at 2,700.
Here is a quick video of Franks Twin Comanche arriving on the ramp, start up, and taxi out for departure.
We enjoyed lunch at a local favorite, Full Moon Saloon.  Frank had the crab cake special and I had a burger.  We both had a cup of conch soup, it was good!  I'm looking forward to catching up again soon. Thanks for buying lunch!

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