Monday, March 04, 2019

N/A "Don't Let The Old Man In"

I'm a big Toby Keith fan. I stumbled across this song/video on YouTube, I just had to share!
 I guess it kind of fits they way I feel at times.  The body is worn but the mind still says go. I always joke, that when it's my time there will be nothing left to salvage from me, I will have used it all up. I know, sick, but if you know me you understand.

The plane hunt continues along with the search for insurance quotes. It's a slow pain in the butt process. Each day I feel a boat in the Caribbean is looking better. My bride says NO to the boat idea. Maybe it's time to trade the wings for the motorhome travel life?


Jim and Sandie said...

I can guarantee that Jim will not have anything left when he leaves this ole earth. Wings or motorhome, you can explore this amazing country of ours and I sure hope it leads you our way some day.

Gary said...

I hope Jim is feeling better, we are keeping him in our thoughts and prayers. Thanks for providing updates on FB.

However we travel, we are looking forward to more adventures.