Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Our Boy Jake

Today we said goodbye to our boy Jake. He was loved and he will be missed. Jake provided many entertaining moments with his wild hair runs through the house late at night, his verticle leaps up door frames, and his swatting of Ziva's tail whenever it got too close.  
We adopted Jake from the Humane Association in Wilmington. I pretty much tagged along thinking Mary would pick out our kitty. She passed Jakes cage and kept looking but when I walked up he came to the door and pawed nonstop.  Jakes litter mates never moved from the back of the cage. I turned away then walked back and he once again started pawing at the door, that was it, he stole my heart.   
Jake and George.

We could not take him home the first day, the Humane Association had to contact our vet and we would have to return the following day.  When we returned we were told our vet said give the Mascelli's everything you have, you won't find a better home. And with that, Jake was ours. We completed the paper work and as they put Jake in a box for us a couple came in with our George.  He was just a tiny little squirt with eyes just recently opened. No shelter could take him because he needed quarantine space.  Mary and I looked at each other, and at the same time said we would take him too.
During his first few months at home we entered Jake in "the cutest kitty" contest sponsored by the News Journal, he took a top five.  Our boy loved people and quickly warmed up to your feet or lap, whichever you offered up.
Mary and I will miss our boy, he helped Mary when we lost our Inky. Honestly, he filled Inky's roll as head lap cat and pretty much ditched me and hung on her every word and movement. This was odd since he was my cat, followed me everywhere, slept in my shoes, and sat with me every morning when I got dressed for work. He didn't even like Mary picking him up and loving all over him. My how the times changed over the years.

I hope he is with his buddy Inky, pictured above. May he cross the rainbow bridge and meet up with his buddy who we lost just 13 months ago. May they both be pain free and play with our Roxi and Maggie girls until we meet again.

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