Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Mary's Return to Flight

Today, my bride returned to flight.  I honestly believe I was more nervous then she was.  Mary wanted to ride right seat so I stayed on the ground while she climbed aboard our friends Cherokee 140. 

Charles and I swapped text messages and phone calls to make sure Mary was feeling good and the weather was going to hold out. With everything a go, Charles headed south to Ocean City for our planned meet up of 11:30ish.
I set up a camera on the tail tie down for a different angle that I want to use on our future flights, today would be a good test.  Charles and Mary climbed aboard while I sat and watched from my SUV.

The winds favored Runway 2, and Charles taxied out via taxiway Hotel, it was open today.  The take off looked smooth as they climbed out, all I could do was track them on Flight Aware.
I watched as they overflew the airport and set up to enter the left downwind for runway 2.  There was a King Air doing pattern work and a couple of school planes keeping things busy too.  Charles worked his way in and made a nice landing in crosswind conditions.

Mary is amazing! For all that she went through she made the decision to climb aboard and once again fly. I'm proud of her for taking that step and seemingly as calm as could be.
The process to obtain an aircraft is moving forward, and we hope to post some pictures and document the process very soon. Together we have decided on a 1975 Commander 112A.  The 112A fits our mission, has two doors and is very spacious and comfy. 

Yesterday, I mentioned to Mary that maybe this was meant to be. We said goodbye to Zero Eight Romeo and the new plane is Seven Five Juliet.  Romeo and Juliet ??? 


Jim and Sandie said...

I think Mary is incredibly brave. I'm so happy that you guys are going to continue to enjoy what you love. Romeo and Juliet. Meant to be.

Chris said...

Go Mary!

Gary said...


My bride is a warrior! She was calm and collected, I was on the ground a bundle of nerves.

The flight test for each of us was the last step we needed to complete. With "the return" out of the way we are pushing forward with the purchase of our next plane. It's a will take time and logistics to work it all out.

Gary said...


Go Mary....go Mary...go Mary!

We are both thankful the return flights are complete. Thanks to our friend Charles for the rides and special care in handling an emotional situation for us.