Monday, March 04, 2019

Grounded w/o Insurance

I have previously posted about working some numbers for insurance on specific type planes that I am looking at as a potential purchase.

Beech Sierra's 75k-80k
Commander 114's 85k-100k

I know I still have a few hurdles to clear as far as getting back in the air but I wanted to knock out the ground work ahead of time.

Unfortunately, I received an email today from the insurance broker I have dealt with since I started flying.

Hi Gary,

I was not able to get any quotes for the two aircraft you were considering.  Because of the recent loss and your current pilot experience in retractable gear aircraft, all the companies declined to quote.  Your former insurer said they may consider quoting a fixed gear aircraft but declined to quote the retracts.

If you want to consider a fixed gear, let me know what year/make/model/value and I'll try to quote.  Please call me if you have any questions.

And with that bit of news, I'm benched. It's very frustrating and down right depressing. For now, I'll wait on the NTSB final report and the one year anniversary to pass before I try again.

The boat life in the Caribbean or the motor home life is all starting to look pretty attractive about now.


ザイツェヴ said...

This is just absurd. It's not like your actions precipitated the loss.

So, what's the plan? A Cirrus? You can swing an old SR-20 for $100k. It's not going to be very fast though.

Interestingly enough, Avemco insured me after a crash. I've been on their renter's policy for years though. However, the price was steep. I put up with it until my accident receded beyond the 5-year horizon.

Gary said...

My broker advised calling Avemco, it was not one of the fourteen he solicited a quote from.

I’m going to wait until the final NTSB report is out and they try again. There will be other planes I like do for now I’m on hold.

Chris said...

I wish I had read this post before commenting on the later one, it would have answered my question.


Have you tried working with Victoria, by chance? She's done a great job for me. At this point, everything might go back to the same insurers anyway...

Gary said...


I work with Gregg E out of that same office. I think once the final report is in hand it MIGHT help.