Sunday, March 17, 2019

More Airtime!

Today I got back in the air with fellow hangar neighbor, Chet. Flying twice in one week, it's starting to feel like old times. (insert big grin).

Chet tugged out his Cherokee 180 and we headed to Cambridge for breakfast.  The ramp was full, and there was a line waiting for tables.  We didn't wait too long and managed a good spot at the windows overlooking the ramp.  When we landed I recognized a handful of the planes on the ramp, it was the Woodbine crew.   
Chet and I walked by their table and I said hello, the look on their faces was just priceless.  I'm sure I was the last pilot they expected to see.  It felt good to see them as we all exchanged greetings and handshakes, I've missed meeting up with those guys.
the best sweet tea
We enjoyed our breakfast and airplane chat. We discussed Commanders and engine upgrades, ADSB and maintenance shops.  Like truck drivers, us pilots are authorities on everything.
Here is todays flight video.  I managed all the right cable connections, but somehow forgot to switch to the external mic on the Garmin VIRB.  Maybe the next flight I'll have it all together.

A shout out to Bryan, one of our blog readers that introduced himself to me out on the ramp. Thanks for following our blog, and for introducing yourself. It's always fun meeting our readers.

One bit of info to add on the plane search.... We are starting the formal process, we have a plane that we really liked and the owner said it's ours if we want it. More info to follow!


AdamB said...

How exciting! Glad you got up again today.

Chris said...

You’re going to keep us in suspense about what you’re looking to buy, aren’t you! :-)

Gary said...

I’m getting there, one flight at a time.

Gary said...


The current owner just agreed to sell and he is gathering additional info. We are working on scheduling a meet up and getting a hands on look at the aircraft.

We will be in your area, well, 225 miles east. The aircraft is a Commander and I have pictures that I can text to you.

Chris said...

This is really exciting, Gary! The airplane looks sweet. If you happen to be up here at a time I can go, I would love to fly over. Just let me know. I've been into that airport before - it's not a bad flight from home.