Thursday, March 21, 2019

Sweet Georgie Boy

As the late great Yogi Berra said, "It's deja vu all over again." Unfortunately, this time it doesn't make me smile. Just sixteen days after our Jake left us, Georgie crossed the rainbow bridge.
This afternoon Mary and I had to make that painful, heart wrenching decision to have George euthanized.  George has been battling kidney disease and it finally caught up with him. We both believe the loss of Jake compounded his condition and his health just spiraled. Stress weakens the immune system and thus his kidney disease rapidly advanced.
I know I told the story of how George came to live with us but since this is his post I'll repeat it. We had just completed the paper work and as they put Jake in a box for us to take home, a couple came in with our George.  He was just a tiny little squirt with eyes just recently opened. No shelter could take him because he needed quarantine space. Mary and I looked at each other, and at the same time said we would take him too. And so he came home that day. George slept against Mary's neck for weeks as he finally started to grow, he was only a week or two younger than Jake.
Georgie loved boxes, bathroom sinks, and hiding under our beds. He was a vocal boy and always had to have the last word, at least with me.  Sometimes it wasn't a meow but a mumbled type of growl as if to say buzz off, again, only for me. 
George with Inky
He loved his mama, this boy would come at her beckon call. He was a lap cat for Mary, gave me the stink eye, and usually hid when company came.

Our boy will be missed and the house will seem empty and quiet. It's hard to believe in just 13 months all our boys are gone.


Bryan said...

There's new ones out there. I know they don't fully replace the old ones, but its all we have to combat the inevitable. The circle of life can be a beautiful thing. I've got a 16 year old chihuahua that is getting up there. Today, he is doing well. Quite well for his age, but he's on meds and has some heart issues we are nursing along. No idea how much time I've got with him. We just recently picked up a new puppy and he's just the apple of my eye as well. So full of life and curiosity. It does help! He'll help me when my old boy crosses the bridge someday. Perhaps you should start looking around for a new friend to replace you boy. Good luck!

Gary said...


They certainly do attach themselves to our hearts, the lil buggers. All our boys were the same age and within a year of the first passing the last two went in the last two weeks. We still have our Ziva girl, 107 pounds of American Mastiff to fill every void. Not sure if we will get another cat. As my bride said it's just to painful when we have to do the right thing and not let them suffer. Thanks for your comments and checking in.