Saturday, August 03, 2019

BAC to Cambridge

The Beech Aero Club (BAC) had a scheduled fly-in to Easton, Maryland, mother nature had other ideas.

With Easton sitting at LIFR the fly-in was moved to Cambridge, Maryland - KCGE. I always prefer Kay's over just about any food stop, so I was good. Kay's has the best sweet tea ever, and the food is always good.

Alan updated the forum with the change and I climbed aboard 3 Tango Charlie.  Alan had already flew a good bit, taking off from his home airport, W13 - Eagles Nest, in Waynesboro Virginia. He decided to land at St. Marys - 2W6, and wait out the conditions at KESN. Cambridge was clear so instead of waiting we both launched. I flew along at 1500 and below across the cold restricted areas and entered on a forty-five for the left down wind runway one-six.  I made a nice landing and taxied for the restaurant, parking alongside Alan's Sundowner.
The restaurant was pretty slow this morning, not many customers.  We each ordered and caught up on flying, past emergency landings for the both of us and of course airplane talk.
Alan with the BAC mid-atlantic banner and the Univ. of Tennessee colors
With breakfast finished we took a few pictures and each climbed aboard our rides.  I was headed home, Alan was going to knock out the last two states to complete Maryland's Pilot Passport Challenge. Maybe he'll comment on the program or provide us some info.
My flight home was much smoother then this mornings hop. I monitored Patuxent approach and guard but unfortunately the video did not capture me transmitting or ATC.  It's very frustrating!
rain showers to the south
I made a straight in for runway one-four and rolled it on. The other aircraft was just turning base so I saved brakes and rolled to the taxiway that dumps you at the terminal.
Airport shuttle with baggage cart
Tomorrow 3 Tango Charlie is scheduled for her spa day. C.A.V.U. will be out bright and early to get her cleaned and waxed. I'll be in the cockpit trying to figure out the audio issues.

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