Thursday, August 01, 2019

Service Flight to 58M

Thursday morning, 7:30am, is my typical office start time.  Today it was my target departure time in 3 Tango Charlie for Elkton Maryland (58M). The plan was to get out early, and get back before the weather turned into boomers at my destination. 
This was all a 'plan' and I would need for the Manifold Pressure gauge to cooperate and just need a quick clean out, without having to be removed. No such luck.
The oil and filter change was quick and without any issue. The filter looked spotless, which is always a good thing. I did take an oil sample to keep with the history the previous owner had established.  With a container of Camguard added the oil change task was completed.
After crawling up on the wing for a better view I found Josh upside down and under the panel. Oh to be young and bendable. The initial thought was to disconnect the line to the gauge and try to blow it out, also checking the gauge itself which didn't move using just a short line and human wind power. It had to come out. 
Bob C, your plane awaits!
The beautiful panel had to be loosened enough to reach in and remove the screws holding the gauge in place, the Attitude Indicator, along with a panel light. Very tight conditions, so I didn't get any really good pics since I wanted to stay out of the way. Eventually Josh removed the gauge and handed the culprit off to Roger for the clean up and bench test. The snubber screw was clogged  with oil so with a quick clean and reassembly the bench test proved all ok, good to go. Josh climbed back inside and once again assumed the upside down head under the panel position and installed the gauge and reassembled the panel. 
Heading home, East view

West view
I started up 3 Tango Charlie for a leak test and everything looked great, oil pressure was in the same location as always. The MP/Fuel Flow gauge was perfect, working as it's designed.  With the payment squared away, I was off for a run up and departure. 
The weather had moved through with just a sprinkle and the sky was looking much better in my direction of flight. I completed the run up and set flaps for a short field takeoff, twenty degrees. Holding the brakes and advancing the throttle, I let go and rapidly rolled for takeoff. This was a first for me in this plane, getting into and out of an airport with less then three thousand feet, and a six hundred foot displaced threshold upon my arrival on runway three-one. 3 Tango Charlie did great coming in and climbing out, a real confidence booster.
Storm Scope
The flight home was bumpy but uneventful. I made my way into Ocean City, making a straight in for runway one-four. With the maintenance mission completed I tucked 3 Tango Charlie back in her nest, then headed for home. 
Tomorrow after I work some office time I'll head back to the airport and take on fuel for Saturdays flight to Easton, Maryland KESN.  The Beech Aero Club is meeting for breakfast, count me in! I will also have to chase down the lack of audio from ATC on the videos. I'm not really sure where to start since the in cockpit is loud and clear.

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