Saturday, July 27, 2019

Working on 'The List'

It was a beautiful day to fly but I really wanted to get a few things finished up on the plane.  After reading Bryan's blog, My Journey With Cherokee N32052,  I was inspired to get busy with 'my list'.

The plan for today was to clean up and refresh the wing walks, both sides. Yes two doors, two wing walks. I asked Ziva if she wanted to go to the airport and play, she dropped what she was playing with and headed for the garage door. I took that as a yes. For todays videos I packed our Cannon SX270HS. We mainly use this camera as our vacation camera, even though we use our phone cameras most of the time.

The first stop was our mail pavilion to check and see if my Zulu's or Mary's Bose have finally arrived, strike out, neither one on this trip. However, a package was in the box and it was from Warren Gregorie & Associates.  The leather yoke covers have arrived! That is immediately added to todays to-do list.
Right Wing
It was warm today, but much nicer then the previous week.  I got started on the right side wing walk, cleaning and prep for the new product. Following the right wing I climbed aboard and tried to remove the double sided tape from the Kool Scoop, no luck. I'll get it off somehow, at least I have fresh double sided tape for when I sell the scoop.
Next I worked on the Warren Gregoire leather yoke covers, they went on fairly easy and I think look great. It took some time to provide a whole for the PTT and the AP disconnect but overall pretty straight forward.
Left Wing
The last item on the list was the left side wing walk. I repeated the same process and once the product was dry I removed all the paper and tape I put in place to prevent overspray. I think both wing walks look very good, and the bedliner product holds its color and texture longer then the regular aviation wing walk products. It's also a heck of a lot easier to apply.


Unknown said...

Try fishing line to cut through the double side adhesive. Monofiliment or braid fishing line shoild do the trick

Gary said...

Thanks!! I'll give it a try and report back.

Bryan said...

Thanks for the shout out about my blog, Gary. Wing walks look great! I'm not sure "the list" ever ends. I've come to the realization that there is ALWAYS something to do. But, that is really part of the fun of ownership. I envision a gentle upward slope month after month, year after year, for my airplane. Each year will have a set of things, goals to get done. Some will be repairs, some will be aesthetic projects, some will be upgrades. Your bird really looks fantastic!

Gary said...


Thanks! It's getting there, little by little.

I really enjoy your blog, I only wish I could post comments. I tried Google account but it does not post, and there is no anonymous choice.

Chris said...

I think the list is never ending and only limited by cash flow.

I'm still contemplating another G5 so that I can eliminate my vacuum system. I've never really trusted it, even though it was the attitude gyro that failed on me in IMC, not a vacuum pump.

One of these days, when you're done spit-polishing that beautiful airplane of yours, why don't you think about flying it north and meeting me for lunch?

Gary said...


Lets just pick a date and meet up, it's been way to long.

I have a fly-in this weekend, just a short hop to KESN. Mary and I are planning the first real trip in August. We're planning on Boston to visit family and I can meet up with my CFII Mike B for some torture with the new systems. On the final day we're going to make a 15 minute hop to New Hampshire to visit a fellow pilot and his family before pointing for home.

Bryan said...

I feel left out way down here in Florida. Maybe one day....

Chris said...

Everyone knows that the north is where it's at! ;-)

Bryan said...

Gary, I fixed the comment issue on my blog. Didn't realize there was an issue there. Thanks for bringing that up.