Monday, July 01, 2019

Closed For Remodeling

The local forecast called for temps in the 70's and low humidity, a perfect day to fly.  Mary had an appointment at 11AM so she passed on right seat.  I decided to finally get motivated and get over to the hangar.  3 Tango Charlie needed some fuel, she had 4.5 inches in the right tank (24 gal) and just 2.5 inches in the left (19 gal).  I took on 10 gallons in that left tank which brought me to 29, plus the 24 in the right for a total of 53 gallons on board.  I think 53 gallons will get me to breakfast and back with plenty to spare.

With the fuel sump completed I could put my checklist aside and get ready to climb aboard.  Today I decided to try climbing up on the wing without the small step stool, I always like a challenge.  The right leg felt rally good and without much effort I was on the wing and placing my flight bag on the right seat.  I did my backwards slide into the pilots seat and secured the doors.

Today was about my memory and checklists.  This flight is about testing my memory items and verifying on the checklist, I want this to feel as natural as the Sundowner. 3TC started in just a blade or two and I was soon headed to the taxiway. My ramp neighbor was dragging out his helicopter for rides, today should be fun for him and his passengers.

With the weather noted, I completed my run up and departed runway two. I pointed for Cambridge and climbed to maintain just three thousand, which will keep me above Salisbury airspace (2500) and below the R-4006 restricted area floor (3500).

A smooth and easy flight with a straight in for runway three-four has me on the ground and making my way to Kay's. Odd, the ramp is empty and not many cars in the parking lot.  Oh well, I'm here now so lets see what's up.  As I approached the restaurant I could see the place was empty, not good. I walked the last few steps over to the terminal front doors and found a notice, Kay's is closed for remodeling July 1st - 11th. Well, crap!
I headed back out to the plane and saddled up for home. I did not feel like making another stop so I reversed the route on the GNS 480 and attempted a hot start.  Ok checklist....where is the hot start procedure, dang, there is none.  I forgot to print out the additional hot start list and add it to my checklist.  Ok lets test the memory.  Throttle half, mixture half, a few seconds of pump.....crank away, slight stumble and nothing.  I didn't hit the fuel pump fast enough to help it catch.  Ok, try number two. Lean mixture, half throttle, no pump and nadda, nothing but cranking. I'm getting frustrated.

I access online and open up the Commander Owners Group forum and search hot starts, there are plenty of posts on this topic.  Ok, full throttle, mixture lean, a few seconds of pump and crank.  3 Tango Charlie catches,  she stumbles a bit as I quickly move the mixture rich, and hit the pump. She comes to life and I immediately pull the throttle back and breath a sigh of relief.

We sit at idle while I finish setting up the route on my iPad/Foreflight.  It's a simple click on reverse under the flight plan link, that's done. Everything is looking good so I release the brakes and taxi for runway three-four. I ran through my run up and checklist then rolled for a runway three-four departure.  I was climbing out, retracting the gear and flaps while watching my airspeed. I had planned for a departure to the east from the left down wind, it worked out just fine.  There was no traffic today.
I made my position calls for ocean city and pointed for a straight in runway one-four. The local sightseeing biplane, a Waco, was making his way for runway two.  I ended up doing a 360 and then landed on one four as the Waco was on final for two, everyone was communicating. As I cleared, a Cessna rolled on to one four for departure, and the Waco landed on two. I love it when a plan comes together.
So, I did fly, that part was fun.  I didn't get to eat, that was not fun.  After putting 3 TC to bed I headed to the local McD's and then headed home. 

I hope the next flight has Mary and I headed to Wilmington, or  maybe Wilkes-Barre.  If mother nature lets up on the humidity we can get some fly time together.

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