Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Local Fly Day

Yep, today I headed out fairly early, deciding to get some air time.  The temps here at the beach were in the low 70's and there was NO humidity.

As I drove across the ramp my eye caught a glimpse of a Mouse, a 1966 Super to be exact. This plane was in great shape so I decided to snap a quick picture then get busy with my preflight.
I completed my preflight check and walk around in the hangar then opened the hangar door. It's so much easier checking all lights without having to get up and down the wing to reach into the cockpit. I really get how high the Commander sits, I used to be able to reach in the vent window on the Sundowner to flip any switch.

As I started to tug 3 Tango Charlie out I noticed a man uncovering the Beech Super. I stopped the tug and headed over to meet the owner. Justin is a fellow BAC member and we had a nice conversation about baby beech aircraft, local ATC, and flying.
I needed to get busy and finish getting my plane out on the ramp. I had taken on 14 gallons this morning and that brought me to 48 total, since my JPI was reading 34 remaining. When I stuck the tanks they each read 24 gallons, everything checks out.
I got the fan turning and taxied out behind Justin in his Super, I was number two for departure. A Cessna was doing pattern work so we each worked our way into the flow and launched.
I enjoyed the smooth flight along the Maryland beach, and making my way up to Rehoboth, Delaware and Cape Henlopen. I even made a slight detour over to five points in Lewes to check out the old job. They have really come along way with both buildings well on their way to completion.  I really don't miss a day of that work anymore.
With that sneak peak completed I pointed 3 Tango Charlie for home. Traffic was very light as I made my way to OXB. I was number one for the field as the Cessna, still doing pattern work, was just clearing runway two.

I entered the left down wind, making my calls and eventually rolled 3TC on the runway. A very nice landing, and I was very happy with that. I'm working on controlling my speed and working through the GUMPS call outs to get me back in the flow prior to last June. It's all coming together.  Tomorrow Mary and I are going to do our first flight together since the accident.


Jim and Sandie said...

I cannot believe how far you have come in just a year. Fly high.

Gary said...

Jim and Sandie,

It has been a journey, that's for sure. We are getting back to normal, or as close to normal as we can. Mary is going to fly with me today for the first time, just a short breakfast run. We are looking forward to more travels.