Sunday, July 14, 2019

Maryland Blue Crab

The Maryland Blue Crab, yummy!
Following our hop to Wilmington yesterday to pick up our friend, Jo Ann, the ladies spent a good portion of the day on the beach. 
I worked on my blog post and videos so I was busy with all that, in the air conditioning. Two hours of raw video cut down to under 20 minutes takes a few solid hours of editing, at times it can be exhausting.
The girls gave me a call as they came off the beach so I could shower and get out of their way. I was clean, smelling good and ready for dinner when they walked in the door. Surprisingly, it didn't take them long to get ready, it must have been the thought of having crabs and beer for dinner.

We decided on a new to us place, yes there are a few places we have not tried in our five years of retirement at the eastern shore. We're working on the list. Tonight we would try Hooper's Crab House located on Route 50.
all gone!
The food and service was excellent! The extra large crabs were tasty and very full, not a bad crab in the bunch. Mary, Jo, and I enjoyed laughs and eats, good friends and good times.
Today was a lazy day start. I was checking wx as Ziva ate her breakfast and the ladies were still in dreamland. I made some bacon and eggs with grits for breakfast and ate by myself.  Mary poked her head out and said no breakfast for her. Jo Ann soon followed from the opposite side of the house, also taking a pass. I'm starting to get a complex, have my cooking skills taken a dive?
The original plan was to head out for the airport around 1pm but we bumped up the time due to the heat and humidity. Mary packed me a wet towel to help keep me cool while getting the plane ready, it really helped. I also stock Gatorade in the mini fridge.
I needed some fuel so we waited on the truck, all of us climbing in the SUV and cool air. We are so spoiled. Finally the truck arrives and fills my order, we're ready to go.
A repeat of yesterday has us taxi out to three-two and climb out for Wilmington. Not my best take off, drifting south of the runway centerline once in the air. The tail cam tells no lies. Density Altitude was two thousand feet, I noticed the difference in 3 TC's climb.
No flight following today but I did monitor Dover. For some reason I lost coms with the tower on my video, our in cockpit audio was fine. I think the isolate button was hit when the ladies climbed in. It takes some time to work out the bugs. I made a nice landing at Wilmington followed by a U-turn on the runway to shorten my taxi time.  We dropped of Jo and took on some fuel, the least I can do for all the support from FLyAdvanced over the years.
Now for the dreaded hot start. I went back to the POH and decided to toss out everyone's helpful remedy. Prop and Throttle full, mixture idle cut off. Turn the key and she stumbles, I quickly move the mixture towards rich and 3 Tango Charlie catches. I turn on the pump and everything runs smooth and solid, pump off and lean for ground ops. 3TC and I are still learning what each other needs to operate and fly, I was very happy, so was my bride.

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